President’s Note

June 2017  Former President’s MessageDi photo

Diana M. Mueller

I am very pleased that VCPA continues to strive to provide MCLE credits with amazing speakers and even though this year we did not have our big fundraiser Wine Tasting Event, we still are in the positive budget-wise. Our Springtime Annual Conference offered 5 continuing education credits, 3 general, 1 bias and the hard to get ethics 1 credit. Before the end of this fiscal year, we will be offering 2 more credits at our General Meetings. But just don’t think about the credits, our General Meetings and planned fundraisers throughout the year offer invaluable networking with other paralegals and professionals in the legal community. Everyone I have met has shared some little piece of information with me whether it was advice or the answer to a dilemma I’ve been struggling with at work. There is really no other place than the connections you make at VCPA to meet other professionals in the paralegal field . . . . well besides your co-worker. But I know in my work, my co-worker has a total different assignment from mine. I specialize in probate and trusts and my co-worker works on trial exhibits for civil litigation matters and other techno paralegal functions. So it is beneficial for me to meet other paralegals with somewhat of the same assign-ment in probate as me.
As with all associations, it is what you make of it. However, I do encourage you to go outside your comfort zone and think of becoming a Board member. I know scary thought, you might even be putting up the visible cross of the hands ….NEVER! But take the plunge, try it. See really what it takes to make this organization continue to be strong and useful to its members. Trust me, it’s a lot of hard work and many hours but in the long run I am proud that I have served this association and I am confident that I have done my best to provide for the continued learning of this profession, to offer
networking opportunities and to filter down what the state level of the paralegal
organization is doing and how that benefits us on the local level.
So as my term comes to an end, to be exact September 30, I want to thank all of you for the very fond memories I hold and for being an integral part of this organization that has raised my awareness to this profession. There are so many advancements coming soon in the paralegal profession, i.e. CAPA implementing the Certified California
Paralegal Certificate and that testing will be soon and the amendments to PB Code 6450, giving more detail and distinction to our profession.
I am very honored to have colleagues like each of you – working in the trenches, making our attorneys look good in court and for the most part not getting the recognition each of you deserve but yet we continue on because we are proud and have total
commitment to our jobs with the utmost integrity. Thank you for letting me serve you and this association.
Diana M. Mueller, President, VCPA