President’s Note

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Diana M. Mueller

Important Message to the Members of VCPA,

As President, I have a duty to inform VCPA’s members that VCPA may dissolve at the end of the next fiscal year (Sept. 30, 2017) unless there is a paradigm shift in the participation of its members. For the past two years, the Committee Chair for the Springtime MCLE has been vacant. The acting Board all worked together to put on the conferences, in addition to serving in their regular Board positions. This year, the Board is losing its Committee Chair for the Wine Tasting Event, as well. Both of these events require a lot of attention and responsibility. The Board will continue to work together for the MCLE Springtime Conference. However, unless we can get additional volunteers to Chair the Wine Tasting Event, we will not have one in 2017.

The Board will continue to provide MCLEs at our General Meetings. The last couple of years, most of the attendance at the General Meetings were Board members with as few as 1-3 others in attendance. If attendance does not improve, the General Meetings will be cancelled. To organize a speaker, secure a venue, get Bar approval for the MCLE, only then to have a couple of members attend is not fair to the speaker or to the hard work of the VP of Programs. As a member of NALA, VCPA is required to offer 10 MCLE credits per year to its members. This is a daunting task in and of itself.

To date, the Nominations/Election Chair has not received any interest from any of VCPA’s members to take on a Board position or Committee Chair position. The majority of the current Board members have served on the Board for several years. They are ready to step down and hand leadership over to a new team, but have agreed to continue for another term because it is not their desire to see this organization fold. New volunteers for the coming term will have the benefit of training with an experienced Board, so now is the perfect time to start.

It is imperative that members other than the current Board take up positions that are vacant and help keep VCPA in a good standing. I urge you to contact me personally at or contact Denise Hansen, this year’s Nominations/Election Chair, at

Election for next year’s Board will be held on September 29, 2016, at the General Meeting at Mimi’s Café, Ventura.