CAPA REPORT by Diana M. Mueller

CAPA recently held its Bi-Annual Leadership Conference hosted by Inland Counties Association of Paralegals and San Diego Paralegal Association.  The event was held at the Riverside Bar Association offices and had great attendance.  CAPA is also planning to expand its (GOAL) Growing Our Association Leaders webinars to providing more frequent webinars .  Be sure to check out for updates.  For many years, CAPA has charged $3 per member to the county associations.  CAPA is currently revisiting this free structure to change to a tiered flat fee.  CAPA has one of its Board members Nancy Woods attend the State Bar Board of Trustees meeting.  Ms. Woods attended the October 10-11 meetings in Anaheim and reported.  This meeting primarily centered around the presentation of the mentoring Task Force Final Report and Recommendations.  The Task Force was designed to bring together the State Bar Sections, the California Young Lawyers Association, the Council on Access & Fairness and the Board of Trustees to develop mentoring programs and incentives for new lawyers.

CAPA has a designated Legislative Committee whose efforts are concentrating on changes to the Business and Professions Code 6450 and Rules of Court.  They are proposing to change the language in BP 6450 to strike out the phrase “Paralegals may work or contract with compliant attorneys.”  The suggested language changes allow for unemployed paralegals to retain the title of paralegal.  Also they want to change language to clarify that paralegals have a standardized two year period for MCLE compliance beginning in the odd years and ending in the even years.  They are looking into changing this language to parallel the State Bar that MCLE compliance is to be prorated (one hour each of ethics and general law every 6 months) and allow paralegals 6 months to complete their MCLE requirements.

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